Simplify your trip with the Central Japan Travel Card!

Save time by not lining up!

Just touch to ride the train or bus!
Transfers are also easy!

You don't need to get a ticket!

You can use the Central Japan Travel Card on subways/trains, buses, and in taxis, etc.!

You can use the Central Japan Travel Card for things other than transportation!

Use the Central Japan Travel Card to pay for a variety of goods and charges.

There are many happy benefits for your trip!

Use the Central Japan Travel Card within transportation IC card areas identified with the "IC Card" throughout Japan.
* There are some areas where the card is not accepted.

Receive a variety of special benefits and services, such as discounts, at participating spots.

Use your Central Japan Travel Card on your next trip to the Central Japan area.
Your card balance can also be refunded.
* A service fee is required for refunds.

Your Central Japan Travel Card can be charged at stations, in buses, and at convenience stores.

Watch this video!

First 2,000 people purchasing a Central Japan Travel Card will receive a present!
* This is subject to change.

Buy your Central Japan Travel Card here.

Click here for an illustrated user's guide.

Purchasing over 5,000JPY, TAX FREE+200JPY OFF
Purchasing over 10,000JPY, TAX FREE+500JPY OFF
Purchasing over 30,000JPY, TAX FREE+2,000JPY OFF


* Distributed in order of arrival, available until last.

Limited sales February 1 to March 20, 2018